Asian Flush Syndrome Definition. What is Asian Flush Syndrome?

Graphic before and after image of Asian Flush Syndrome victim.
Graphic before and after image of Asian Flush Syndrome victim

Asian Flush Syndrome is specific disorder or disease whose symptoms occur shortly after consuming alcohol in persons suffering from the Asian Flush Syndrome. The Asian Flush Syndrome is characterized by allergic like symptoms including the most common symptom of red face.

Symptoms of Asian Flush Syndrome?

Although a red face after consuming alcohol is the classic, most common, trait shared by Asian Flush Syndrome sufferers it is by no means the only sign or symptoms of Asian Flush Syndrome. Other symptoms of Asian Flush Syndrome include:

  • Red patches or red blotches on other parts of the body such as shoulders, chest, and back.
  • difficulty breathing.
  • itching skin
  • watery eyes.
  • congestion and/or runny nose.
  • nausea.
  • headache.
  • elevated pulse.

Oftentimes when someone first suffers an Asian Flush attack they report they felt they were having a stroke. Onset of symptoms occur shortly after consuming alcohol. Symptoms vary widely both in terms of symptoms experienced and intensity of symptoms from Asian Flush Syndrome sufferer to sufferer.

Why is it referred to as ASIAN Flush Syndrome?

Asian Flush Syndrome also goes by many other names including

  • Asian Glow.
  • Asian Girl Glow.
  • Asian Blush.
  • Asian Alcohol Flush Reaction

The word Asian is the common denominator in all of the different nicknames for Asian Flush Syndrome. The reason for this is this mostly genetic condition is most common in people of Asian decent. A full 50% of Asians suffer from Asian Flush Syndrome. Although this alcohol allergy related condition does occur in non Asians the percentage in non Asians is much lower at around 6% to 7%. Many mistakenly assume this post alcohol ingestion allergic response is nothing more than a mere annoyance or inconvenience. Nothing could be further from the truth as scientific evidence now links people with Asian Flush Syndrome at a much higher risk for Asian Flush related cancer if the Asian Flush Syndrome is left untreated with an Asian Flush treatment. It is the Asian Flush Syndrome that is strongly believed to be the main reason alcoholism is so low amongst Asians where the rate of alcoholism in Asians is as low as just 1/10 compared to non Asians.

Cause of Asian Flush Syndrome

The cause of Asian Flush Syndrome and its symptoms is an inactive enzyme called Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. This enzyme is produced by the liver and is a critical part of the metabolism of alcohol. The lack of this enzyme in Asian Flush sufferers means higher than normal levels of a toxic and carcinogenic substance called Acetaldehyde - also part of the metabolism of alcohol. Normally the Acetaldehyde in persons not suffering from Asian Flush syndrome is neutralized by the Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase into a harmless substance. The elevated levels of Acetaldehyde in the Asian Flush patient produce the reaction characterized by all the Asian Flush Syndrome symptoms. Long term effects of repeated elevated levels of Acetaldehyde (regular consumers of alcohol) expose the Asian Flush sufferer to elevated Asian Flush Cancer risks.

Asian Flush Treatment Options

With Asian Flush Syndrome being so prevalent amongst the Asian population, which is a fairly large percentage of the worldwide population, it is surprising there are no real medical options for Asian Flush sufferers. The one treatment Asian Flush sufferers do turn to is called The No Red Face Formula. No Red Face Formula is actually a home made recipe of all natural ingredients which can be obtained inexpensively from most health food stores.

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